Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cold Weather is Here

It's time to think about cold weather safety for our seniors. Older adults can lose body heat fast. Thinking ahead can stop problems before they happen. Here are some easy things you can do.


1) Set thermostats at 68 degrees or higher (shut off unused rooms to save on the heat bill)
2) Keep throws or blankets handy, on the back of chairs and the couch
3) Wear layers of clothing, even inside, a t-shirt or long johns will help
4) Wear slippers or shoes


1) Wear a hat and a scarf, we lose a lot of body heat from our head and neck areas
2) Wear layers of clothing for more insulation
3) Avoid going out on very windy days if possible

Signs of Hypothermia:

1) Cold hands and feet
2) Puffy or swollen face
3) Pale skin
4) Shivering (but if severe, there may be no shivering)
5) Slow or slurred speech
6) Acting sleepy
7) Being angry or confused

If you suspect someone of hypothermia, call 911 right away. Keep in touch with elderly loved ones. With a little vigilance we can avoid problems this winter.

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