Friday, November 12, 2010

What Can Your Church Do?

We are blessed with over 700 churches in the Northern Michigan Region. This area of our state was originally settled by many ethnic groups who brought their religious traditions with them. And today, their descendants carry on their faith and continue to meet from shore to shore.

The Alzheimer's Association welcomes the opportunity to meet with people of all faiths and talk about Alzheimer's Disease, the symptoms, current research, staying healthy, and other related topics. We find a large concentration of our elderly in the pews and chairs of local churches and they need to know what we have to share.

What can your church do to help educate people about Alzheimer's Disease? Call one of our offices and invite a speaker to come and address your members and guests. We are very flexible on times and dates. There is no cost for this service, but a free will offering or a donation to help defray the cost of mileage is always appreciated.

What can your church do to help keep our presence as vibrant and accessible as it is today for families dealing with Alzheimer's Disease? If every church in our region would give a $100 gift of support to the Northern Michigan Region, it would make up our projected giving shortfall for 2010/2011 and secure our ability to provide vital work in our communities.

What can you do, dear reader? Present these ideas to your church board, elders, deacons, women's groups, or pastor. Thank you!

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