Friday, March 25, 2011

Train Your Brain

The Alzheimer's Association has long endorsed our "Maintain Your Brain" program which stresses using your brain to keep it active and healthy. This study done by Institut Universitaire de Geriatrie de Montreal illustrates the reasons why.
The hypothesis behind the research was that certain cells traditionally involved in other brain processes could, through a simple memory-training programme, temporarily take over since they themselves are not yet affected.
The above has been accepted for many years, the exciting part of this study is seeing it displayed through Magnetic resonance imaging.Before the memory training, magnetic resonance imaging in both the healthy elderly subjects and those with MCI showed activation in areas of the brain traditionally associated with memory.
As expected, decreased activation was observed in subjects with MCI. After training, brain areas in elderly subjects with MCI showed increased activation in areas typically associated with memory, but also in new areas of the brain usually associated with language processing, spatial and object memory and skill learning. “Analysis of brain activity during encoding as measured before and after the training program, indicates that increased post-training activation in the right inferior parietal gyrus is associated with post-intervention improvement. The healthy area of the brain has taken over for the area that is compromised,” said Belleville.
Diane O'Connor and Lisa Teglas, both Program Coordindators for our Northern Region, are available to give the "Maintain Your Brain" presentation to groups upon request. Contact your closest office to schedule a date, phone numbers are below the header.

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