Friday, April 1, 2011

Alzheimer's Study in Scotland

This study is looking at the possible impact of melatonin on sleep habits of people with dementia. The hopeful conclusion is that adding melatonin will improve the person with dementia's quality of sleep, thereby allowing them to function better during the day. This study is being done in Scotland.
"In our groundwork for this project we investigated a slow-release version of the natural compound melatonin. Our findings suggested that the participants functioned better during the day - possibly due to a better quality sleep pattern." Dr Crawford said that melatonin does not currently exist as a treatment for dementia but was registered in Europe and the UK for use with elderly patients with sleeping difficulties. He said: "It has proven to be remarkably safe and virtually free from side effects. We are exploring whether its use as an add-on treatment for dementia could transform the lives of patients and their carers. "With the help of volunteers from Scotland we aim to establish whether adding melatonin to current treatments could provide a major advance in dementia management."

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